‘X’ passports: Full judicial review now in motion

On 18 and 19 April 2018, there will be a full hearing in the UK for the judicial review of the government’s policy in regards to issuing non gender-specific passports, known as ‘X’ passports.

These show an X in place of an F or M, for people who do not identify as either male or female. The number of people pursuing recognition as gender queer, gender non-binary, non-gendered, agendered or ungendered is increasing in the UK and beyond.

The hearing will take place at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, London. This High Court allows citizens to challenge points of law, wherever the law in the country does not currently protect its citizens’ rights and freedoms to their satisfaction.

Christie Elan-Cane (non-gendered), who is pursuing the case, said:

“The provision of ‘X’ Passports became a pivotal focal point for my campaign due to the importance of the passport as a recognised identity document, in addition to its function as a travel document.”

X Passports already exist and are compliant with international standards. They are being issued in an increasing number of countries, and must be recognised at other countries’ national borders.

Christie commented: “[this gave] me reason to believe that my Government would accept the need for their issuance in the UK.”

Yet, the UK government resisted the need for X passports and “left me with no option other than to bring a case for the judicial review of its discriminatory policy,” Christie writes.

“Legitimate identity is a fundamental Human Right. The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered.”

Follow the story here.

Carols by Candelight

Join Pride London for Carols by Candlelight at The Two Brewers on Sunday 10 December 5-7pm raising funds for Pride in London 2018.

A night of Christmas Carols and Christmas music in a candlelit atmosphere.

The Two Brewers is transforming their back bar into a tabled, waiter service cabaret bar, decorated to embrace the Christmas spirit.

All tickets include a complementary glass of mulled wine and a mince pie.

Ticket Prices:
£12 early bird
£15 on the door

Tickets can be bought here.

Transmale sex workshop

Trans Bare All Event for the New Year:

Let’s Talk About Sex
Friday 16th – Sunday 18th February
For trans masculine and cisgender men, including partners.
Located in Hathersage, Derbyshire.
Bookings go live at 7pm on Monday 4th December 2017.

The Let’s Talk About Sex! retreat will explore sexual, playful, casual and committed relationships between people who were assigned female at birth and no longer identify that way (trans and/or non-binary), and cis men.

Guided by experienced facilitators, with members of the TBA team on hand as well. Workshops will look at the dynamics and possibilities in trans masculine and cis male relationships of all configurations, as well as some of the unique issues and questions that each of you might have.

More information on the TBA website.

Next meeting is Christmas!

We have been naughty, and not planned things such as correspondance very well lately. However, we are working to get better and hope that despite the short notice, you can make it to our Christmas meal at Wagamama in Camden, at 11 Jamestown Road, London NW1 7BU.

Pictures aplenty of the venue be here.

You can also look for this sorry individual, if you have trouble picking the FTM crowd out of the rabble.

A new blog, a new tech-savvy day

We’re hoping to post some news on this blog as it comes. It’s a better medium for reading come-and-go information than our website. So, rather than start with a “here is a new blog” news piece, we’ll give you some news right off the bat.

Currently, we’re working on building a YouTube channel with some videos relating to FTM London. Among these will be a visual tour of the church for those with anxiety issues who prefer to know exactly where they are going and what they will see before setting out.

The channel will also feature recordings of talks from key guests. And anything else we can think of! But don’t worry, we aren’t about to sneak around filming our members. Your guaranteed your confidentiality, no matter what.