Next meeting: Sat 3rd Feb

Fitness and nutrition

The current plan for the next meeting is to discuss fitness and nutrition as it relates to transmen.

Loosely, this will cover:

  • Exercise pre and post surgery
  • The right food for recovery
  • Foods and their effect on hormones.


Please note, the official meeting start is 7pm.

6:30pm is the mingling time before the meeting. We often have people turning up at 6pm or earlier. We ask that, except for special circumstances, members kindly try not to avoid coming earlier than 6:30pm.

This is because we are still getting set up, and like to be ready and able to talk to members when the time comes. It can be hard to get everything ready and welcome people at the same time. That said, if you would like to come early and help us get set up, all help would be welcome! Thank you for understanding.

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