Next meeting: Sat 6th Jan – Update

We’ve had some developments about what we’re doing for our next meeting.

We’re going to have a suggestion box, where people can pop in suggestions for the next year – things they want to see, hear, discuss. We might even make that box permanent, instead of those pesky survey money things.

In the mean time, have a think about what you want to say. Do you want more discussions on things like binders and passing? More talks? Fewer talks?

We’re still aiming to keep things casual for the first meeting of the new year, with some bonding games – if anyone has any ideas for the sorts of things they like or have seen work for other groups, you can still let us know.

See below details on the games we’re planning. None are too daunting, promise.

Ice- breaker: Truth and Lies | 10 – 15 mins | Whole group

Rules: Everyone site in a circle facing each other. Each person comes up with three facts about themselves and one lie. We go around the circle and have each person state the three facts and a lie in a random order, without revealing which is the lie. After someone shares, the others must guess which is the lie.

Game 1) Blind Drawing | 5-10 mins per game | Small groups

Tools needed: Pencils and paper, several pictures of things or activities, not too simple or complicated

Rules: One person has a picture, and all other players have pencil and paper. The person with the picture describes the picture to their teammate without actually saying what it is. For example, if the image is a worm in an apple, do not say, “Draw an apple with a worm in it.” The people with the pen and paper draws what they think the picture depicts, based on the verbal description. The winner has the closest representation!

Game 2) Consequences | 5 mins per game | Small groups

Tools needed: Pens and paper

Each player has a piece of paper. Each writes a man’s name, then folds over the name to hide it, and passes their paper to the person to the left of them. Then, without revealing what was written before, everyone writes a woman’s name on the piece of paper they just received. (Preferably, everyone sticks to one narrative, e.g. Henry VIII met Anne Boleyn etc.) Players fold over the woman’s name and hand it to the person left of them again. This cycle continues, covering these categories: Place where the man and woman met; What he said to her; What she said to him; and the Consequence. After everyone has finished writing, the group read out each whole sheet. You’ll end up with a funny, nonsensical story.

Game 3) Desperate Measures | 15 – 20 mins | Small groups

Tools needed: Individual slips of paper naming certain objects, and scenarios

Rules: Players pick four or more different slips of paper naming objects, and one slip of paper describing a scenario, from a hat. The team has to solve a problem names in the scenario using only those objects. This can be anything from “You’re stranded on a desert island” to “You’re saving the world from Godzilla!” Players have to rank the objects based on their usefulness in that specific scenario, giving reasoning.


Sound daunting? Read our “For people with anxiety” page on our website. We will always endeavour to make events as easy as possible for people who are not so comfortable socially. Tell us in confidence if there’s anything you really hate, and we’ll try to factor that in.

Email us on the usual email, to let us know your thoughts.

Thanks, and a Happy New Year!


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